Halloween costumes originated during the Yin Festival, when participants slaughtered animals and covered them with their skins. In addition, various masks worn by the participants, originally intended to escape evil spirits, have been handed down.

In ancient times, if there was a drought or other major disaster, people would wear ugly masks, because they were afraid of evil spirits wandering out at night. If they had to go out at night, they would wear masks or decorate themselves with animal fur, hoping that the evil spirits would not recognize them or be scared away by the ugly masks.

Later, the religious meaning of awe gradually weakened, and gradually began to have children dressed in ghost and fairy clothes, go out to scare neighbors trick or treat, asking adults to treat them with candy.

What is The Meaning of Halloween?

praise autumn, sacrifice the dead, pray for peace

Every year on October 31 is the traditional Western holiday, Halloween. "Halloween" is also known as "ghost festival". It is one of the western festivals with a long history. It is said that as early as BC, living in the British Isles, Ireland, France around the Celts every October 31 to hold a celebration for the God of disability and darkness. On that night, they prepared many delicacies for the good spirits to eat, and on the hills of the wilderness they lit bonfires, so that the bright flames would attract the good spirits and drive away the demons.

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What Can You Do On Halloween?

1. Knock on the door and ask for candy

Halloween is the most important time of the year. On that night, it is customary for children to go from house to house, carrying jack-o-lanterns and wearing all kinds of imitation costumers, knocking on doors and Shouting: Trick or Treat! (meaning trick or treat), the host family (who may also be in costume) sends out candy, chocolate, or cheap and easy halloween decorations; If you don't give them, the kids will play all kinds of tricks, like dumping the garbage in your house.

2. Bite for an Apple

Another Halloween custom is the most popular game of "biting for apples." During the game, people let the apples float in the basin filled with water, and then let the participants in the condition of hands-free mouth to bite the apple, who first bite, who is the winner.

3. Occupy the game

In Ireland, there is a traditional divination game in which the participant, blindfolded, chooses one from a table with several small dishes. If the plate is touched with soil, it means that the person associated with the participant will pass away in the coming year, if it is filled with water, it means that the person will travel far, if it is filled with money, it means that the person will be poor, and so on. In Ireland in the 19th century, teenage girls would place slugs on floured dishes, and the slug would trace the shape of her future husband.

4. Ghost Carnival

New York City also held a parade on Halloween night, so that a group of vampires, Frankenstein and so on appeared together, but also welcome the public to visit, the participants are not limited to age, gender, regardless of class, nationality, even if you are brave, you can also join them, come to a hot ghost carnival. In fact, these ghosts are made up of people, so they are not scary. On the contrary, some of the faces are more lovely than others, and it is as if you were attending a large masquerade party.

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