Custom Your Own Decoration Products


Usually the most factory OEM only accepts the client's request for production and rarely participates in the product development process.  But our factory designers will also be involved in the design of new products, in order to achieve better results in production management, cost control, market demand and other aspects, the cooperation of both sides will achieve unexpected results.

Or we can also according to your specific requirements to design and development, do not necessarily rely on the drawings of Party A.

  • 01 Material
  • 02 Appearance
  • 03 The Cost of Custom


We offer a wide selection of materials including wood, felt ,needle felted items,tin and painting. You can choose the materials you need in these categories.


Whether the size of the large or small art variety, we can meet your needs to customize, including the rest of the color, special materials and so on

The Cost of Custom

We can customize according to your target price and manage the cost in the process of customization to try our best to achieve high quality and low price

Steps to Get Your Customized Decoration Products

  • 1

    Specify customized materials and desired type of product

    You can use text to describe the features or types of products you want, or, more directly, provide corresponding drawings with specific parameters and effects you want to achieve.

  • 2

    The drawings or requirements are sent to the process department and the designer respectively

    Designers will design and play version first, and then and the sample maker to communicate how to do it, at the same time, technology department will go to measure single dosage and wages, and if the high costs could not reach the requirements of customers, we will also samples of the modified, our designers will give her other advice, such as the usage of this kind of fabric, Washable and so on.

  • 3

    Sample makers began to make samples

    After all the drawings are clearly issued, sample makers will start to make the samples customized by the customer, and all the boom list will be lefted as the production of bulk basis  we will also conduct the sample, whether this kind of sample is suitable for the production of mass goods.

  • 4

    Express the real samples

    After the sample is made, the next step is the delivery of the express.

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