Types of Winter Decoration

Outdoor Winter Decorations

Outdoor Winter Decorations

 Plants wither, let the winter courtyard cold many, this season can be used to give it new vitality.  The soft light and shadow can add the winter flavor for the winter, so that the courtyard is different from other seasons of beauty.  

Art installation in the garden that does not have plant ornament, might as well add a few rich structural adornment.  The use of withered vines wound into a ball decoration, placed in the garden, is very artistic.  The point is to wrap the colorful lights suitable for outdoor use on the rattan ball like the wool ball, which can not only increase the festive atmosphere of the festival, but also let the garden at night have a compelling scene.  

Groups of shiny potted plants can also be used to dress up as flowers. This group of decorative balls made of shiny lights can be stacked in the flower utensils to bring the winter garden to life.  The implementation is very simple, first put plants or simulation plants into the pot, use their support role, decorated on the top of the ball can be.  The premise is to solve the power problem first. 

Winter Decorations for Different Scenes

  • winter decor bedroom

a.the soft outfit

In winter, the bedding in the bedroom should also be carefully selected, which directly determines the overall comfort of the bedroom. Choose more knitted fabrics and knitted fabrics to match, and don’t let the thick warm quilts go. Try to choose warm colors such as yellow and red for the quilt cover, which can also ensure that we can get a good quality of sleep every day. The softness of the material determines the visual texture of the bedroom, and a layer of blanket can also be laid to enhance the warmth of the bedroom

b.Lighting design

The design of lighting is also very important. Different lights and colors will create different bedroom atmospheres. For the bedroom in winter, it is necessary to choose a relatively soft warm yellow light, which is very helpful for the creation of a warm atmosphere, and is also more suitable for the atmosphere of the bedroom. You can also add some LED lighting to set off the winter atmosphere.

  • winter decor for living room 

color scheme

Livingroom metope tonal collocation can foil the atmosphere of whole livingroom space on the vision, can choose to create a warm and high saturation of warm color, the color or dark color is a good choice, also can choose some cool color to blue and white as space bouncing color, form a contrast effect of changes in temperature, creating a feeling of sunlight energy.


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