Types of Needle Felting Kit

Functions of Needle Felting Kit

Functions of Needle Felting Kit

Legend has it that Saint Clement, the patron saint of western shoe and hat merchants, was running in the woods in order to avoid being chased by his enemies. His feet began to heat and ache constantly. At this time, he found some wool in the woods, so he collected some wool and wrapped it around his feet, and then put his feet back in his shoes and continued running. When he finally reached safety, he pulled his aching feet out of the shoes and found that the wool had become felt shoes. Since then, wool felt has become a magic product to drive away evil spirits and bring good luck. It has also become a well-known handicraft technique in Europe.

Later, people found that wool has high quality properties such as non-braided, integral formability, warmth retention, water resistance, flame resistance, color retention and heat insulation, and began to use wool as a high-grade handmade art material, so that wool felt handicrafts landed in the palace of art.

Advantages of Needle Felting Kit

  • There is no age limit for needle felt DIY production. It is very suitable for children's early education and education to our adult leisure and entertainment. MYO exercises our ingenuity and inspires endless design creativity. DIY brings colorful fun to life!

  • Needle felt is simple to make, there is no sewing , the finished samples are cute and soft, and it is also a beautiful decoration.


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