Different Types of Home Decor

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Difference Between Home Decor Indoor And Outdoor

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    Influence of Indoor Environment on People

    The indoor decoration design is mainly about the creation of the indoor environment and the design of functions, and it pays more attention to the influence of the indoor environment on people.

    Outdoor decoration design is mainly to create a harmonious relationship between the building itself and the building and the outdoor environment.

    The human factor must be fully considered between the two, and both serve people.

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    The difference between indoor decoration materials and outdoor decoration materials:

    1. The environmental protection coefficient of indoor materials is much higher

    2. The quality of outdoor materials Sunlight resistance

    3. There are certain differences in the degree of detail, which depends on the comprehensive reasons of the use area, and the close-up aesthetics of indoor materials is much better. , Outdoor materials mainly focus on durability.

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    Different emphasis on home decoration

    Indoor home decoration is more concerned with the placement of decorations, etc., but outdoor decorations need to consider changes in weather, climate, etc.

  • Highlight the home atmosphere

    If you choose the right home decorations, you can set off an atmosphere. For example, placing some lovely home decorations in the home will make people feel very quiet and classical.

  • Enrich the interior space

    Enrich the interior space, different styles of home decorations can enrich the interior space, because home decorations have different styles such as simple, modern, classical, Chinese, European, etc., and the shapes and colors are different, so it will make the home More layered and spatial.

  • Adjust the color of the home

    If the color in the home is single, or you want to change the main color of the home according to the change of seasons, then you can add some more suitable home decorations. Make the space more alive and dynamic, and also softer.


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