Types of Fall Decoration

Importance of Fall Decoration

Importance of Fall Decoration

Fall is just around the corner and I can't wait for my favorite season! I love the comfort of sweaters and scarves, reading by the heater, drinking a latte, and eating a little pumpkin-flavored food. Autumn has begun! I see a lot of shades of brown and purple this season. Burgundy, maroon, cranberry purple, merlot, and earthy yellow are all simple but full of mystery. Mixed shades of pink, blue, yellow, brown, can show different moods, some are more lighthearted, clean and fresh. Sometimes you think colors that can't be mixed under a theme can express more vibrancy. This can make some dull colors look more lively and playful. Like a soft touch. Can be used in design or fashion design, it all depends on what you want. We'd love to see your fall color mood and happy look.

Fall Decoration for Different Scenes

  • Autumn is the season for serious work. But that doesn't mean there isn't room for entertainment! Decorate your workstation or home office just like this space with vibrant wallpapers and color combinations. It's very modern and casual

  • The nostalgic and homey feel inherent in traditional decorating styles is perfect for fall. Even if you don't like parties and want to be alone outdoors, the smell of childhood will make you feel relaxed and at ease. The combination of red, yellow and blue is an important part of traditional decoration, and they are moderately warm, just like autumn

  • a.Making leaf wind chimes

    Can you hear the wind blowing in the noisy city? When autumn comes, let the leaves tell you the wind.

    b.natural colored glass

    Chinese pistachio tree leaves are very suitable for this decoration. Its leaves are bright in color and translucent. They are often inlaid on the windows of churches. Here, with the star candlelight of the glass, it creates a very warm and colorful natural atmosphere.


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