A Symbol of Eternal Life

The color of Christmas decorations overwhelming red, in fact, is not a random choice of color, but a symbol of Jesus was crucified by the blood of the color. And the essential Christmas tree, its prototype is Holly. Because of its triangular shape, Holly was first adopted by 16th-century believers as a symbol of the Holy Trinity. And because it does not die in winter, it symbolizes everlasting life.

European Holly is Known As "Christ's thorn"

The prickly leaves of European Holly symbolize the "crown of thorns" on the head of Jesus when he was crucified, and the red fruit on the tree represents the blood Jesus has shed. Therefore, European Holly is also known as "Christ's thorn".

The star at the top of the Christmas tree is called "Bethlehem star", is the Christmas decoration products in the most characteristic of a sign, a symbol of the birth of Jesus' space-time supernova, it reveals the location of the birth of Jesus, a symbol of Jesus' redemption, Christ's glory, the hope of mankind forever. Placing gifts under the Christmas tree comes from the legend of the Three Magi presenting gifts to the baby Jesus, symbolizing that people should offer the most precious things in life to Christ.

Drive Out The Evil Spirit

Common the bell on the Christmas tree, a prototype is the shepherd the bell, the shepherd shake it could make for the lost sheep of the voice returned to the shepherd's side, the significance of the people lost god noise to the good shepherd, the bell has both inform Christianity was born (savior come) the joy of the Gospel, there are also drive out the evil spirit.

The silver/white ribbons on the Christmas tree represent the holiness of Jesus Christ and the gold ribbons represent the glory. The Christmas ball is based on an apple, symbolizing the abundant supply of the earthly paradise of Eden. As the fruit of wisdom in the Garden of Eden, the apple symbolizes not only the fruit of joy that brings forth fruitful fruits or happiness, etc. but also the tree of life that brings eternal life in the Garden of Eden, sometimes it also symbolizes forever.

The prototype of the walking stick is a shepherd's walking stick in the wilderness, used to pull a lamb out of a trap. The inverted walking stick is similar to the initial letter J of Jesus Christ, so it also implies Jesus. The candle is a symbol of the Christmas Eve star, representing the world's thanks to the Star of Bethlehem.

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