1. Introduction of Easter ornaments

Easter is an important spring festival in the West. Every year, 80% of the people in the United States will participate in this large-scale carnival. Then the necessary decorations, gifts and other related items will drive a wave of shopping sales. According to statistics, 50% of the American people will choose online shopping. Moreover, the consumption turnover of Easter in the United States is increasing by 15% every year. So what are the Easter ornaments? Rabbits and eggs are must-have items on the Easter list, as well as some Easter ornaments, toys, makeup and the like.

2. What are the Easter ornaments?

Easter bunny and eggs: symbolizing new life and recovery of all things, the basket is most of the fruit baskets designed with Easter elements. Products in this category are often the site where various sellers compete on Amazon's best-selling list. There are also decorative Easter bunnies, such as puppet type, plush toy type, straw type and so on.

Candy: Many adults in the United States give candy, chocolate and other snacks to children on Easter. Every household will prepare a variety of candies and chocolates, such as rabbit-shaped cake chocolate, cheese eggs and so on.

Toys: Since it is a national carnival, toys and games for children must be an indispensable category. All kinds of popular toys, Easter ornaments of stress relief toys are very good sales list. Popular toy brands will also release some related toys at this time, such as Lego's Easter bunny toys in the past.

Easter gifts: In Western culture, there is such a tradition of "rudeness is not a festival". Giving gifts to each other is a common phenomenon in the United States on Easter. The most obvious feature is the fashionable packaging of gifts.

Easter festive decorations: flower ribbons, garlands with Easter atmosphere, and wall Easter ornaments with rabbit patterns, matching hanging panels, etc.; novel and unique Easter element wall decorations are also frequent visitors on Amazon's best-selling list.

Easter costumes: Costumes for Easter holiday celebrations are also very popular, and Easter represents a new atmosphere. Buying new clothes is an indispensable way. In addition to the exotic clothes for festivals and celebrations, new clothes for life after the change of seasons in spring are also hot items during this period.

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