Easter, also known as Easter Sunday, is a festival that symbolizes rebirth and hope. Most overseas consumers will shop on Easter. Every year, Easter is also a golden node for overseas e-commerce. Compared with the epidemic blockade in the previous two years, people's enthusiasm for shopping on Easter has been suppressed; this year, the anti-epidemic policies of various countries have been relaxed, and it is expected that many countries and regions will usher in a wave of consumption peaks on Easter. Easter is the season when everything grows, and some brightly colored Easter decorations can better meet the expectations of overseas consumers under the haze of the epidemic.

Ⅰ. Easter decorations: Easter gifts for children

Easter is second only to Christmas in European and American countries, and it is also one of the favorite festivals for children. On this day, various places will hold Easter egg hunting activities for children and present gifts; many families will also specially prepare Easter gifts for children, such as fingertip building blocks, pinch music, dolls, children's gardening tools, children's clothing, etc. In addition, due to the epidemic being blocked and unable to go out, the repair needs accumulated by many overseas families will also be released by buying household gadgets and doing it themselves by taking advantage of the wave of large-scale e-commerce activities during Easter.

Ⅱ. Easter decorations add atmosphere

Exquisite Easter decorations will add more festive atmosphere to the festival. Buying creative and beautiful decorations on the eve of Easter is an important expenditure for overseas consumers. Statistics show that 80% of Americans include decorations in their Easter consumption list, such as Easter wreaths, Easter flags, rabbit string lights, etc.

Ⅲ. How to decorate the Easter decorations?

1. Color is the main symbol of Easter. When you see colorful colors, you will think of the beauty of Easter eggs. It is recommended that when arranging, all the tableware on the Easter table, such as cups, bowls, plates, tablecloths, etc., should be replaced with colorful models to upgrade the Easter colors.

2. The elements of Easter decorations are mainly beautiful eggs and rabbits, and the hanging decorations have a strong festive rendering power. A thick rope runs through colorful paper-cut rabbits. Hanging such beautiful hanging ornaments in every corner of the home, the walls of the dining room, kitchen, and various spaces are all very colorful.

3. You can deliberately hang a relatively large photo frame in the room, and put a beautiful rabbit-themed painting in the center of the photo frame. The hanging style design can be hung in any conspicuous place, whether it is behind the door, beside the bed or on the wall, it can instantly reveal the charming atmosphere of Easter.

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