Halloween originated from the ancient New Year festival of the Celtic people, which was also a time for worshipping the deceased. In order to prevent evil spirits from interfering, people offered food to the ancestors and good spirits to pray for a peaceful winter. Children would dress up in costumes and collect candy door-to-door on this night. Families would also decorate their homes to celebrate Halloween. So how can we use Halloween ornaments to decorate our rooms?

Understand the home decorations using Halloween ornaments

Home decoration using Halloween ornaments 1

People dress up as ghosts on Halloween because ghosts often haunt ruins and desolate places. Therefore, Halloween ornaments are used appropriately and blend well with the furniture, allowing us to experience the feeling of ghosts on Halloween day.

Home decoration using Halloween ornaments 2

The early Halloween did not have the characteristic pumpkin lanterns. With the development of Halloween, pumpkin lanterns have become an indispensable ornament on this day. The pumpkin lantern is often adorned with monsters and demons, fully demonstrating the characteristics of Halloween. Therefore, how can we miss the pumpkin lantern in Halloween home ornament?

Home decoration using Halloween ornaments 3

On Halloween day, the dining table must be decorated, as we have to eat. Black pumpkins and food on the dining table, black and white candles, and skulls create a nice furniture ornament of offering food to ancestors and good spirits to pray for a peaceful winter.

Home decoration using Halloween ornaments 4

Halloween is probably the most favorite holiday for children. On that day, they can be mischievous, lively, and noisy. Therefore, furniture ornament can also be festive, bright, and lively. Furniture placed next to stairs, with the contrasting colors of white stairs and colorful tableware and ornaments, creates a lively atmosphere.

Attention points for home decoration using Halloween ornaments

Wall stickers are the best choice to create a bedroom atmosphere. Glue some castle or bat-themed wallpapers on the white and simple walls. Take care not to choose too bright colors, such as red or orange. Black wall stickers can decorate the Halloween theme and not affect sleep quality.

The theme colors of Halloween are very clear, the deep black and lively orange become the main colors of this festival. Therefore, when selecting soft ornaments for home decoration, it is a good idea to choose more Halloween ornaments using these two colors. You can start from the dining tablecloth, stool covers, wall stickers, coasters, pillows, carpets and other aspects. Even the most basic home furnishings can become lively during Halloween by changing the color scheme.

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